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Aka Cité: Stylish Japanese Restaurant in Luxembourg Cité

Two weeks ago, on Wednesday evening, we went to the Aka Cité in Luxembourg City. We have been there several times, and we really like this place.

Aka Cité is a central and beautiful sushi place in Luxembourg city with a pleasant atmosphere. Aka Cité is located above the library and close to the Place d’Armes in the City center. It is a trendy place with good lighting and music. The ambiance is very nice; this restaurant deserves an excellent rating just for the decor alone. I like the huge windows, if you haven’t been there, the exterior of the building is glass.

Aka Cité from outside

We experienced the staff at Aka Cité to be in general very friendly. For eating, you have the option of being seated either at tables or around the bar at the sushi train.

Aka Cité from inside

Surrounded by the sushi train, you see the “sushi-men” and can appreciate them while they prepare the food.


The food is good with different and exciting options. The last time we went there, we were amazed at the sushi plate of 55 pieces {59€} that we ordered. It was almost impossible to eat for two people, and it looked colorful and delicious.

I also like that their sushi train dishes are typically three pieces. These small plates make it possible to try many different things. Sushi train has a lot of choices and if your favorite sushi is missing the chefs are extremely helpful to prepare what you like. Aka Cite serves sushi to diverse customers of all ages.

Aka Cité is not one of the cheapest restaurants in Luxembourg. The sushi is pricey but of satisfactory quality. The plates are pretty big, and the choices are numerous as well. For me, it is a very nice place, and even though it’s a bit expensive, we will definitely come back.

If you want to go there, I really recommend making a reservation. When we went there on that Wednesday evening, almost all of the tables were booked. Luckily, we got a table for one and a half hour.


Aka Cité

3 Rue Genistre 

L-1623 Luxembourg



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