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Chocolate House – Delicacies cakes and the best chocolate in Luxenbourg

The Chocolate House

We are now living half a year in Luxembourg, and one of our favorite places is the Luxembourgish Chocolate House in the city center. It is a beautiful place, in front of Palais Ducal, to have a decent cup of hot chocolate on Sunday evenings. (Our favorite day of the week at the Chocolate House.)

The Chocolate House is attractively decorated inside, with lots and lots of chocolate goodies, and an incredible lovely cafe on the first floor. This little cafe with red blankets for the people outside on the wood benches and group tables upstairs in the cafe, as you can see in the picture below, is exactly the right place to forget a hard week at work. Nevertheless, you should not be afraid to sit close to other people, as each tiny spot will be filled with the next guest waiting for a cup of the delicious hot chocolate.

The waitresses are friendly but always seem to be in a hurry. You can choose your hot chocolate out of a huge selection of different flavors. Other drinks are also available, but why would you go to the chocolate house if not to drink the best hot chocolate in Luxembourg. 🙂

chocolate spoons on cupboard

Something special about this place, are the homemade cakes. Every day they have plenty different cakes, and you can choose a “very” large portions (we nearly never finish it) out of at least ten different cakes. I strongly recommend you any of these homemade cakes.

Besides my favorite hot chocolate, you can also have as Breakfast / Brunch at the Chocolate House.

The breakfast is fantastic and as well highly recommended. Just one tip, bring some time, as it will surely take some time till you get the order. 🙂

Apart from all the good, I need to share something disappointing about this place. Last Month we tried two Saturday mornings in a row, the breakfast/brunch at the chocolate house. Once with a group of eight people and once with a group of twelve friends. Of course, we booked the tables weeks before and even agreed with them which exact table we would like to have…

But as we arrived, they had no idea we were coming. It took approximately 20 minutes till we all were sitting together at one table. The organization is apparently not there best skill. As the staff finally managed to provide us with a table, the second half of the story starts. We order the Brunch, and they were running out of oranges juice and croissants. In the end, we had bread with jam and some other stuff and even if it took them at least 15 minutes to realize that we were missing plates and knives… we had a pleasant time.

Besides the uncoordinated brunch …

I still enjoy each time I go there and believe “If you like Chocolate, you will love this place.”

Enjoy your chocolate with milk.

Best wishes


Chocolate House Luxembourg


20 rue du Marche-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg City 1728, Luxembourg


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