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Luxembourg National Day 2018

Luxembourg National Day is one of the most important public holidays in the country. It is celebrated on June 23. This date is also known as the official birthday of the Grand Duke. It is a great day for both, the residents and guests of Luxemburg.

The National Day is celebrated over two days – June 22 and June 23. A great deal of interesting activities is offered to Luxembourg’s residents and tourists.

Luxembourg National Day

The History of Luxembourg National Day

The history of the holiday dates back to the 19-th century. Luxembourg National Day became announced as a national holiday in 1941. However, the holiday has been celebrated on June 23 since 1962. Luxembourg National Day also commemorates the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess Charlotte.

Luxembourg National Day, June 22

People begin to celebrate Luxembourg National Day on June 22. Many popular festivities take place in Luxemburg this day. Locals, foreign residents and travellers gather on the streets of Luxemburg to celebrate the holiday together.

Luxembourg National Day is celebrated every year. The capital’s streets begin to buzz. You will manage to see funny party animals in the city. A lot of concerts and festivals are organised on June 22. Luxembourg National Day is known for its Fete des Jeux games festival that is organized by Educational and Leisure Centre of Luxemburg. The festival offers a great deal of interesting games and enjoyable activities for the entire family. The Open Air Konschtfestival Lellgen is a fantastic open-air art festival that is held in Luxembourg during the holiday. Wonderful public concerts are organized on the Place d’Armes and the Place Guillaume II. You will certainly have a lot of fun if you visit Luxemburg during the National Day. People have a splendid opportunity to enjoy listening great songs, dancing and doing many other fantastic activities.

Most streets of the city are closed during the holiday. So, it is difficult to navigate around the Luxembourg City by car. However, public transport is available. Buses and trains traditionally work in Luxemburg during the holiday. This means people can return back home quickly after party. Moreover, buses and trains are free during the celebration of Luxembourg National Day.

Luxembourg National Day, June 23

The most important official events of the holiday take place on June 23. The official ceremony starts at 10 a.m. at the Luxembourg Philharmonie. After the official ceremony, a 21 gun salute from Fort Thungen takes place. The salute starts at 11 a.m. The military parade is organised after salute at 11.30 a.m. The Hereditary Grand Duke and the Grand Duke review the country’s troops during the parade. The last stage of the holiday (it is known as a Te Deum) starts at 4.30 p.m. It is held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg.

Traditionally, members of the grand ducal family visit the towns located near the Grand Duchy during the holiday. It is planned that the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess will visit Mondorf-les-Bains during Luxembourg’s National Day in 2018.


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