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Sunny sunday Brunch @ IKKI

Last Sunday morning, as you may remember, the weather was great in Luxembourg.
The sun was shining, and the thermometer showed more than 30°C.

It was the perfect day for a Sunday Brunch in the sun.

We quickly decided we wanted to try something new. We chose, for the first time, to have Sunday brunch at BOOS K’FÉ.

When we arrived, we realized that you need to book brunch at BOOS K’FÉ at least one week in advance (even if the terrace and brunch area are empty which they were when we arrived at 12 o’clock).

However, we still wanted to enjoy our sunny morning brunch. We thought about alternatives such as The Chocolate HouseLa Table du Pain and Maybe Not Bob’s which we already knew. In the end, and as the title has already spoiled, we decided to go to IKKI for the first time. It was the right decision.

Sunday Brunch @ IKKI

IKKI is located in Clausen, close to a lot of other bars, restaurants, and the Uelzecht river.

IKKI has a lovely terrace outside with a beautiful view of the river.

IKKI Terrace
IKKI Terrace

The chairs are comfortable, and the best part was: we had the terrace all to ourselves. Most of the other guest were seated on the first floor, close to the buffet. For sure the first floor is lovely and the temperature is more comfortable due to the air conditioning, but how many sunny days do you have in Luxembourg? We needed to enjoy the outdoors. The brunch was excellent. It was more expensive than the other ones we usually go to and more similar to a lunch buffet than a breakfast brunch, but it was still very nice. They had fresh pressed orange juice (you needed to cut the orange and squeeze it yourself) and a table full of seafood. Furthermore, you will find sushi, soups, desserts (lots of desserts) and some bread at IKKI.

I don’t think we will come back as often as we go to the other restaurants for brunch but I am sure we will find some other occasion to come back.

IKKI Sunday Brunch

The Brunch was a good example of foods IKKI serves, and we can’t wait to try lunch and dinner.





IKKI logo


19-21, Rives de Clausen
L-2165 Luxembourg


Téléphone: [+352] 49 69 40

Fax: [+352] 29 61 76



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