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Amorino / Montefiore Sul Palco awesome Ice cream and disappointing Brunch

Last Sunday we went to have Sunday brunch again.

I have the feeling it becomes a habit for us now… My girlfriend and I just love to go for brunch on Sunday mornings (ok, maybe afternoons)…

After the excellent surprise at IKKI two weeks ago, we got disappointed last Sunday.

We went to the city and passed by La Table du Pain, but we decided to continue some meters to try something new again.

We saw already a couple of time the commercial for Sunday Brunch in front of Amorino, where we usually go for Ice cream.

The Ice cream at Amorino is delicious.

Amorino Ice cream
Amorino Ice cream

But I don’t want to swoon over the Ice cream of Amorino. I wanted to write about:

Brunch at Sul Palco

We arrived this morning at 11:45 for brunch at Sul Palco. We found a beautiful table in the sun, and the “cook” came to us to tell us, that it can take 15 – 20 min until they start with Brunch.

(The Homepage and the commercial said it begins at 11 o’clock) But that was fine for us… we wanted to enjoy the Brunch, and we haven’t been in a hurry.

So we sat down until the next waiter came to change our place. Still okay, we found the next sunny place, and he explained us the Menu.

Sul Palco terrace

The Brunch for 25 €

actually, we don’t have the choice… there is just the following menu:

  • Warm drinks and cold Soft-drinks – all you can drink
  • One warm plate with scrambled eggs, risotto and potatoes – quite fat to be honest
  • One cold dish with salmon, asparagus, haddock and a side salad
  • One Dessert (piece of home made lemon cake and fruit salad)

So we ordered hot chocolate and orange juice. After a while, we got the orange juice.

As the hot chocolate arrived, we were a bit perplex because it looked like warm “mousse au chocolate”. But they called it “Italian” hot chocolate.

The worst was, that we had two waiters for 7 customers and they never realized, when the drinks were empty… And after we ordered by ourselfthey just forgot.

I had the feeling the waiter was mainly caring about the outside ghetto blaster / boombox where he streamed music via YouTube.

It didn’t work really properly… sometime you got mix tapes or commercial… sometimes the music was gone … I had the feeling 5 kids were fighting about the boombox … and everybody wanted to play his song. Hopefully this phase stopped later on as another guest complained.

The food by itself was not so bad… but with the waiting time, music and lack of caring my impression is really bad…

I don’t think I’ll come back there… even if the location is quite central.

Enjoy your weekend

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