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Am Tiirmschen – Luxembourgish restaurant in Luxemburg

Am Tiirmschen is the only Luxembourgish restaurant we have been to so far. As in my previous post, this restaurant is as well located in the heart of Luxembourg. It is found in the old town of Luxembourg “amidst quaint alleyways and passages” to be more precise it’s located in the Ilôt Gastronomique du Feschmaart (Fëschmart). Maybe Am Tiirmschen is a bit hard to find, but well inside, the cozy atmosphere is excellent.

The decor and ambiance are attractive, for me being in this restaurant feels a bit like being inside a castle. We had a lovely table in the corner so that we could be by ourselves.

The menu is a mix of French and Luxembourgish cuisine, which I wanted to sample. The food was very good with decent portions, and I felt it was reasonably good value.
The staff was excellent, even if they brought us sparkling instead of non-sparkling water.
All in all, it was way better than expected and we will definitely eat there again. I would recommend Am Tiirmschen to anyone looking for local Luxembourg cuisine in the old city.
Where else can you get Luxembourgish cuisine?





32, rue de l’eau,

L-1449 Luxembourg-Ville


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