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Italian Restaurant Belucci

Last week (Monday, 15th September), my girlfriend and I stumbled upon this place as all shops in the city were closing.

Belucci is an Italian restaurant just behind one of the main squares in the city center of Luxembourg. The color design of the interior is a bit unusual for my taste. For example, the orange table top which is made of a material which caused static interference, you need to like it. However, it’s clean and comfy.

We arrived at 7 pm; it wasn’t very busy on this Monday night. To be a bit more precise, we were the only guest at the restaurant.



Nevertheless, we were warmly welcomed and had the free choice of seating. The advantage of being the only customer.

At Belucci, you can find a small terrace outside, as shown in the picture below. I usually like to sit outside on the terrace, but this day, we chose to sit inside, next to the window, as it was a lovely but cold September day.




The waitress was friendly and polite but not so efficient. Given that fact that we have been the only customers, I didn’t like so much that she did not regularly check if everything is alright.

The menu is a good selection of Italian dishes at a reasonable price ranges. There are many different formulas, where you can get a meal, drink, and dessert from around 12 Euros to 20 Euros – which is from my point of view an excellent price range for the city center of Luxembourg.

My girlfriend ordered pasta, and I ordered lasagna. We both had the house wine, which was OK, nothing extraordinary but we chose to stay with the house wine. Our meal was tasty, and the dish sizes were big enough.



Belucci is a nice restaurant. It’s not fancy, but you get good food for a fair price. I have eaten in a variety of restaurants all over the world. I was expecting the restaurant to have only very basic dishes but their food was very nice. Given the location, menu choice and price, it’s well worth a visit.


Belucci Restaurant Logo


7. Rue Louvigny,

L-1946, Luxembourg


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