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ZANZEN – Szene Bar or overpriced restaurant

ZANZEN, what to say about ZANZEN?

Should I speak about the bar /lounge or the restaurant?

ZANZEN entrance


The Bar

Usually, when we go to ZANZEN, it’s to have a drink at the bar, which is a lovely place and feels like it is made for having drinks after work and meetings with friends. We like to spend our time here. From time to time we also order the plate with ham and cheese, I really recommend this appetizer, if you don’t have big plans afterward.

This bar has an excellent atmosphere, and we shouldn’t forget the delicious cocktails. When you are planning to visit this place on the weekends, be warned it gets crowded on weekends, so secure your spot early! But you will love it, during the evening ZANZEN creates a lounge feeling, and they play upbeat music. The service is a bit slow, but the waiters are friendly and doing their best.



The restaurant

We have been a couple of times to ZANZEN for a relaxed evening with drinks and finger food. Only one time we went to eat at the restaurant. Even though the food was excellent, I have to say the environment in the bar and lounge area is preferable to the atmosphere in the restaurant.




Overall, ZANZEN is a great place to meet friends for a drink and eat some finger food after work. The food in the restaurant was a positive surprise, but even though the food was excellent, I don’t think we will ever come back to the restaurant. Our dish was perfectly cooked, and the fried vegetables that accompanied it were delicious. But I don’t like the atmosphere in the restaurant. It feels as if it were apart from everything.

I would only recommend this place for chilling out and having a few drinks.

Best regards


ZanZen Logo old

27-29, rue Notre Dame
L – 2090 Luxembourg


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